The Babylon Project

Between the weapons of the Alliance and the ultimatum of the Drakh, the fate of Centauri Prime is decided. Delenn and Lennier are stranded in hyperspace.



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Centauri Prime is under planetary bombardment. G'Kar is rocked from his cell, and Londo Mollari comes to help him up and out. Through the Royal Palace, Mollari brings G'Kar somewhere to heal while he intends to see the Regent again.

Michael Garibaldi informs John Sheridan of the force attacking Centauri Prime, and that its defense grid has been left inactive for some reason. Also, Delenn's White Star hasn't been heard from. Onboard, Lennier tries to get some systems back up and let their situation and presence be known.

The Narn and Drazi forces continue bombarding Centauri Prime while Mollari attempts to reach the Regent. The Regent says they should be safe with the assault moving elsewhere for the time being, but Mollari angrily confronts him. The Regent then reveals the alien, saying it is "your time, now."

Act I[]

Virini explains to Mollari that the alien is called Drakh, one of the Shadows' servants, which they saw as benefactors. The Drakh says that Z'ha'dum was their home, and, with the Shadows leaving and their planet destroyed, they were themselves shadows wandering alone throughout space. They came to Centauri Prime in considerable numbers, having remembered both the Shadows based here and Mollari. Mollari, in turn, recalls Morden saying the Shadows' allies would remember Mollari's actions against their masters and avenge them. Mollari demands to know what they want to gain from killing innocent Centauri, and the Drakh reply they want a new home. Shiv'kala says the Centauri now 'need' the Drakh to rebuild and are dependent on their whims. Virini says that bombs have been placed all over the planet, and that the Drakh will detonate them unless the Centauri comply.

Sheridan arrives and demands that the fleet withdraw. Na'Tok responds and invites him to join the assault, but Sheridan refuses. Na'Tok notes that the Centauri ships will soon return and won't care about what was authorized. Sheridan can either join or be caught in the crossfire.

On the planet, Virini tells Mollari the ships will return and fight the Interstellar Alliance. Mollari insists he re-call them, but Virini says he can't, rather, he is Mollari's convenient scapegoat. Mollari is to give the order once he is dead. Virini further insists he won't mind that Mollari blames him for anything, since he will not have a choice in the matter. Virini pulls his coat aside and reveals the Keeper to Mollari, explaining that he'll be free to do what he wants most of the time, except when it pertains to the interests of the Drakh. Virini regrets not voicing objections in the past, his cowardice and waste of precious time left, then the Keeper leaves him, and then Virini falls dead into the arms of Mollari.

Act II[]

Sheridan decides not to engage the Centauri. He asks for communications to anyone on the planet.

Delenn and Lennier are not sure how much life support they have left. They are now at the mercy of hyperspace currents.

Mollari finds G'Kar awake, seeing to his condition. G'Kar thanks him for taking him from the cell, also states that he is a better person than Mollari. They share a brief laugh when he says he kept his promise to get him from the cell. Mollari informs G'Kar that Virini is dead and he is to become the new Emperor, and that G'Kar consequently no longer cannot remain as his bodyguard. Mollari says goodbye, surprised at why this feels important. He also notes that G'Kar may hear strange things about him after assuming his new position, but G'Kar interrupts, saying he understands, prompting Mollari to say that he might but doubts that he truly do. With the Centauri ships approaching, Mollari notes he has no choice now, despite wanting all the power earlier in life when he had little but all choices in the world. G'Kar then implores Mollari to understand neither he nor his people can ever forgive Mollari's people for the actions against his people, but he himself can forgive Mollari. Mollari clasps his arm for a moment and then leave the room.

Mollari meets the Drakh and takes his coat off. A Keeper is removed from the Drakh's body and attaches itself to Mollari.

The White Star fleet cannot find Delenn's ship, but Sheridan stays put. They get a communication, but it's jumbled. The Centauri ships are now not advancing any further. Sheridan then receives a communication from Mollari, who blames the Centauri attacks on the Regent and that he is now in charge and that he will call off their ships and issue the surrender. Sheridan wants to talk directly about Delenn. Mollari is hesitant, but allows it.

Mollari, in private, begs the Drakh not to kill Delenn, saying there is nothing to be gained by her death.

Act III[]

Sheridan explains Delenn's position and the challenge in front of them, asking for help. Mollari says they have a rule for contacting their ships, and Mollari agrees, however, he asks for a favor in return. Sheridan is confused that Mollari would demand this, but Mollari angrily restates the attack on his planet by the Alliance. He also declares the Republic is withdrawing. Sheridan counters by saying the Republic will pay reparations to the Alliance as the losing party. He says they know about the Shadow technology that controlled the ships. Mollari explains the Regent bought them himself. He then shuts down the conversation.

Lennier notes the ship is off the beacon. Delenn wonders if they will find something new in the process. Lennier thinks their weapons could still be used as a flare to signal someone, whether friends or enemies. It would also push them farther off-beacon. Delenn agrees and does it. Soon they hear a proximity alert and then see a Centauri fleet approaching. Expecting that they will be destroyed momentarily, Lennier tells Delenn he loves her; she responds, "I know." But instead of destroying the White Star, a Centauri ship grabs the White Star with a tractor beam.

Act IV[]

Vir Cotto is pushing through the Royal Palace trying to find Mollari. He bursts into Mollari's room, only to have Londo shout at him to never barge in on him again. Mollari explains he is not in the Royal Suite yet until the damage has been counted. Cotto notes that there is too much to pay and that the people are angry. Mollari regrets that "they" got what they wanted, but Cotto does not understand Mollari's veiled reverence to the Drakh.

Sheridan and Delenn are reunited, and G'Kar walks with them when they hear Mollari's address. Mollari blames Virini for the conflict, but affirms that it is over and they remain Centauri. They now need to rebuild. He blames Sheridan for the damages and reminds of the reparations that are meant as an unfair punishment. They will bear it, but outside the Alliance. He says he will walk alone as a symbol of the occasion.

The three see Cotto and Mollari nearby and wonder at Mollari's odd behavior. Mollari insists they leave the planet and they will talk when things calm down. He also appoints Cotto as ambassador to Babylon 5. As they prepare to go, Delenn seems to sense the presence of the Keeper that is now attached to Mollari, but she has no way of knowing what it is. She says, gently, that she can no longer see the path of Londo's fate. She says she sees "a darkness" around him, and she prays that he can find a way out. G'Kar, having previously said his goodbyes, simply gives Mollari a Narn salute and departs with the others.

Mollari pauses to remember some aspects of his life, including some of the experiences he had on Babylon 5. He then steps outside the Palace to make his lonely walk.

Act V[]

On Babylon 5, Sheridan sees the Shadow technology and the group discusses it. He is not sure he believes Mollari's claim that Virini bought them on the black market. Franklin is very disturbed by the device, noting the parallels to the ruins of San Diego, and wonders how much of the technology was taken by others. Garibaldi notes that the Vorlon Homeworld could have technology, but all the ships that were sent there have been destroyed. Lyta Alexander, experiencing an odd moment of clairsentience, states that humans will not be allowed to go there now, but will be in a million years. Zack Allan then comes in happy, saying things have calmed down, but the group is not satisfied. Delenn wonders what they lost in the process.

Meanwhile, Mollari takes a hard look at his situation.

Memorable Quotes[]

"You ever been out to see the San Diego ruins? Well, I have. The thermonuclear device used by the terrorists to blow up San Diego could be traced back to the breakup of the Soviet Union in the late twentieth century. When they fell, all of their weapons ended up in the hands of smaller governments who didn't understand them, sure as hell couldn't build them, but were eminently willing to use them."

Stephen Franklin

"I have been many things in my life, Mollari. I have been silly. I have been quiet when I should have spoken. I have been foolish, and I have wasted far too much time. But I am still Centauri, and I am not afraid."

Milo Virini

"I could have died back there. You risked your life to save mine."
"Yes. You would done the same."
"Yes, but I am the better person."

G'Kar and Londo Mollari

"Isn't it strange, G'Kar? When we first met, I had no power and all the choices I could wish to make. Now I have all the power I could ever want, and no choices at all. No choices at all."
"Mollari, understand I can never forgive your people for what they have done to our world. My people can never forgive your people. But I... can forgive... you."

Londo Mollari and G'Kar

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This episode, along with the other 21 from Season 5 have been released on DVD with extensive Special Features.


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