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The Servitors were an unknown race, known to serve The Hand.

Nothing is known of their appearance beyond a general humanoid shape, as the individual commanding the ships that engaged the Liandra in battle was dressed in heavy black hooded robes. The Hand provided them with their powerful ships.

They were first detected in 2265 by a long-range Anla'Shok patrol ship, which managed to transmit an image of their ships to Minbar before being destroyed. They were later responsible for intercepting a group of ISA representative en route to a secret meeting on the colony at Beta Durani VII. Their ships quickly destroyed both the Interstellar Alliance's prototype vessel Valen and the colony, though the escort vessel Liandra managed to evade them and eventually escape through the local jumpgate. The Servitors had been given the location by Ambassador Kafta who was also working for The Hand. The crew of the Liandra discovered his duplicity and sent him back to the Servitors in an life pod loaded with about 50 grenades from the ship's armoury, destroying the Servitor vessel.[1]


  • Since no official name for this race has ever been released, the term "servitors" is used here only as a descriptor.


Canonbox default.png The following is based on The Mongoose Publishing RPG books and contradicts canon sources.

In Mongoose book 'Legend of the Rangers', this race is named Ark’all’un, located on a planetoid on the Rim.