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The Legend of the Rangers is the sixth of six Babylon 5 TV Movies. It is set in 2265, which would place it before the events of A Call to Arms and Crusade. Titled "To Live and Die in Starlight" the movie was intended as a feature length pilot for a new spin-off series, however it did not fare well in the ratings and as such further episodes were not ordered.


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The Rangers, an order of warrior-priests, have wandered the darkness between the stars for over a thousand years, protecting a hundred worlds from invasion and destruction. But now a new alien threat appears on the horizon of the Interstellar Alliance, representing a force more ancient and powerful than anything previously encountered. The only obstacle in the way of this new race; a single, broken-down Ranger ship, under the command of David Martel, whose sole orders were to escort Ambassador G'Kar to an Interstellar conference. Alone, barely armed, they must defeat an enemy unlike anything they have ever seen before.

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This TV Movie was released with five others and some limited special features on Region 2 DVD. For more information see:

This TV Movie was released on a single DVD with no Special Features on Region 1 & Region 2 DVD. For More Information see:

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