The Long Night of Centauri Prime is the first book in the Legions of Fire series. It was written by Peter David, based on an outline by J. Michael Straczynski.


The beginning of an exciting new adventure
that continues the Babylon 5 legacy...

Bombed to the brink of oblivion, the planet Centauri Prime is starting the slow and painful process of rebuilding, under the watchful eye of Emperor Londo Mollari. But Londo is in turn being watched – and manipulated – by the conquest-hungry Drakh. The malevolent beings are reshaping the Centauri Republic into a secret seat of power from which to strike out at their enemies – especially the Interstellar Alliance.

All but helpless to resist, Londo watches as his beloved Homeworld is transformed into ruthless police state. And the Drakh have willing allies, including one of Londo’s own countrymen – Durla, a powerful official with his own sinister agenda.

As the abuses of the repressive new Republic escalate, the double-edged Drakh master plan begins to unfold. Their goal is to smash the Interstellar Alliance by assassinating its president. John Sheridan, and to obliterate Earth, using a fabled, monstrous Shadow weapon known as a Planet Killer...



  • The book begins with the events depicted in ("The Fall of Centauri Prime"), with the scene in which Londo is bonded to his keeper.
  • There are a number of dating errors in the book, foremost being an unreasonably long span of time (8 months, plus several weeks) depicted as separating the Fall of Centauri Prime and Londo's visit to Sheridan and Delenn when they arrive in Tuzanor, as depicted in ("Objects at Rest").
    • Indeed, on page 107, it mentions that at that point (after the 8 month gap, yet prior to his leaving for Minbar) Sheridan had been president for almost a year. This would indicate that Peter David was under that impression the vast majority of the events in season 5 took place within the first four months of 2262, or that the number eight or the word "months" was a simple error on his part.
    • However, matters are further complicated on page 180, where an account of Londo's visit to Sheridan and Delenn is described as taking place approximately one and a half years ("almost two years", less five months) after Londo received his keeper.
    • Furthermore, the end of the book takes place shortly before the events of the movie ("A Call to Arms"), but it is said to be in December 2267. In the movie in question, it is said that the fifth anniversary of the Interstellar Alliance is taking place, which would be December 2266. Again, this could be another honest mistake or simple miscalculation.


The short story ‘The Shadow of His Thoughts’ takes place within the early events portrayed in the novel, from August 20 to August 29, 2262.

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