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The DVD release of Babylon 5: The Lost Tales included a short six-page mini comic (available only in the US from Best Buy) as a tribute to the late actors Richard Biggs and Andreas Katsulas. The comic depicted their respective characters, Dr. Stephen Franklin and Citizen G'Kar, going beyond the rim on a series of adventures.


In Babylon 5's docking bay, Dr. Franklin spends his life savings on purchasing a brand new ship. To his surprise he is approached by G'Kar who has heard Franklin was going away. G'Kar then tells Franklin that he's not there to talk him out of it but is instead coming with him.


"Explorers who later reached the edge of the Galactic Rim, the border between what's known, and what's not, found that over a dozen worlds, each with their own histories and languages, shared two words in common. Franklin... and G'Kar."

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