The Babylon Project

The Memory of Shadows was to be the first Babylon 5 feature film. Unfortunately, on February 25, 2005 JMS announced that it had "dead ended".

Although JMS had hinted at the potential for a B-5 theatrical project for years; the project seems to have crystallized in late 2003 (see the eep!). Stracyzynski began dropping hints in early 2004 (such as an abbreviated title in January and an aspect ratio in April). In June, he confirmed the title as "The Memory of Shadows," already guessed on, and in October, that "for the first time in five years, there is an office somewhere in England with the words Babylon 5 on the door..."

Production Weekly announced, on December 8, 2004, that Steven Beck would direct the movie, scheduled to start filming in April 2005, probably for a 2006 release date:

In "Shadows," the technology of the ancient and extinct Shadow race is being unleashed upon the galaxy by an unknown force, and Earthforce intelligence officer Diane Baker, whose brother was recently killed in a mysterious explosion, is out to find out who is behind the intergalactic conspiracy.
Joining her is Galen, a techno-mage who has been charged with keeping the technology out of the hands of those who would abuse it.

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