The Babylon Project

The Memory of War is an episode from the TV Series Crusade which is a spin off from Babylon 5.

"Who Are You? Matthew Gideon, Captain. Attached to the Earth Alliance Starship Excalibur. What do you want? To find a cure to the Drakh plague before it wipes out all life on earth. Where Are You Going? Anywhere I Have To. Who do you serve and who do you trust? Who do you serve and who do you trust?"
– Galen Questioning Captain Gideon


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A virus-devastated planet may provide a paradigm for Earth's plight, if Excalibur's researchers survive their visit there. When night falls, crew members fall victim to a stalking creation of Artificial Intelligence.

Memorable Quotes[]

"Have you wondered why there are so many dead worlds out there? Let me tell you why. It’s because despite the best advice of people who know what they are talking about, other people insist on doing the most massively stupid things."

Galen to Captain Gideon

"If I wanted to sit and talk with the dead, I will draw a pentagram on the ground and conjure up someone more interesting."

Galen to facsimile of Rogue techo-mage

"The friend before you and a friend behind you. Which one of them will you kill to get to me?"

Voice of Rogue techo-mage to Galen

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This Episode along with the other 12 from the series have been released on DVD with some limited Special Features. For more information see:

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