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In a Psi Corps pamphlet, the character Diane Matthews presents the work of the Psi Corps on Babylon 5. She also gives a history lesson about the founding of the Corps and what you should do if you become aware of being a telepath.

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Writer: Tim DeHaas
Premise: J. Michael Straczynski
Artist: John Ridgway
Colorist: Robbie Busch

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  • This promotional pamphlet was produced by the Psi Corps before the events of "Confessions and Lamentations," since it shows someone dealing with a Markab trader.
  • Though the existence of this booklet within the Babylon 5 universe is canon, the entire story is essentially a Psi Corps propaganda book, so the events described shouldn't be taken at face value.[1] In particular, it shows a false backstory for Alfred Bester and depicts the invented character Diane Matthews as a commercial telepath aboard Babylon 5, a role filled in reality by Talia Winters. However, the historical significance of William Karges, introduced here, was later referenced in the Psi Corps Trilogy of novels.

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