Zack gets a lead on rescuing Garibaldi from his unknown captors. Delenn faces opposition from the League of Non-Aligned Worlds when she tries to reorganize the Army of Light.



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Regular characters appearing in this episode are John Sheridan, Susan Ivanova, Michael Garibaldi, Delenn, Stephen Franklin, Lennier, Vir Cotto, Marcus Cole, Lyta Alexander, Zack Allan, Londo Mollari and G'Kar. It is the only episode of the series to feature every single regular character of the relevant season.



Delenn continues her preparations to assault Z'ha'dum when she is approached by Susan Ivanova. She's decided to go looking for more First Ones to assist in the attack, and wants a White Star. Delenn agrees but she cannot spare Lennier as an interpreter. Ivanova tells her not to worry since she has been learning the language. After demonstrating her "accented" Minbari, Delenn asks Marcus Cole to accompany her. He agrees, and Delenn takes him aside to warn the crew that if anyone laughs at Ivanova, they will deal with her.

On Centauri Prime, Londo Mollari and Vir Cotto watch Emperor Cartagia and his court humiliate G'Kar who is dressed in motley for their amusement.

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Ivanova and Marcus' search goes slowly without luck, despite searching in areas where ships have disappeared. On Babylon 5, Zack Allan talks to Delenn about the information that G'Kar wanted about Michael Garibaldi, but that he cannot contact him. With time running out, Zack decides to go after Garibaldi himself.

In the palace gardens on Centauri Prime, Londo and Vir encounter the Emperor with blood on his hands. G'Kar refuses to scream for him, regardless of what torture the Cartagia inflicts on him. Cartagia warns Londo that if G'Kar will not scream for him, then he will be killed. Vir, reluctant to kill the emperor, decides that he needs to die.

Zack leads a convoy of shuttles and Starfuries to track down Garibaldi. On Babylon, Delenn visits Lyta Alexander to find out why the Vorlons have been refusing her request for ships to join the assault on Z'ha'dum. Lyta believes that there is something big going on, and that the Vorlons no long care about what happens to them. Delenn asks her to find out what they are up to.

Zack's force pursue a craft and attempt to disable it. The ship ejects a lifepod then explodes. The pod contains Garibaldi; as it waits for pickup, the computer initiates a program and he opens his eyes.

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Garibaldi is treated in Medlab. Stephen Franklin congratulates Zack on a job well done, but Zack begins to wonder if it was too good to be true.

Lyta complains about Ulkesh withdrawing from her too fast, causing her pain. Believing that she has earned some respect, Lyta demands to know what is going on with the Vorlons. She tries to read Ulkesh's mind, but he throws her against the wall and then opens his mind to her, causing Lyta to scream.

Londo visits G'Kar in his cell, and tries to persuade him to scream for Cartagia. G'Kar cannot – to do so would mean he would no longer be a Narn. Londo points out that if he is dead, his people will not be freed. Londo asks him what the price of his pride is worth agains the freedom of his people.

On the White Star travelling through hyperspace, Ivanova and Marcus detect an anomaly. Part of hyperspace appears folded over itself. Entering the distortion hoping to find First Ones, they instead find a massive Vorlon fleet, along with a gigantic vessel.

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Garibaldi comes to in Medlab, and Zack is there to greet him. He is surprised to find two weeks have passed, and says that he doesn't remember anything that happened since he left Babylon 5.

The Brakiri ambassador warns Delenn that some of the other ambassadors are organizing a rally to inform everyone that Delenn plans to attack Z'ha'dum. Delenn decides not to stop them, but to attend since she has a right to speak as much as anyone else.

On Centauri Prime, both Londo and Vir and summoned in the middle of the night and taken to Cartagia's private chamber. He wants his scream from a chained G'Kar, and has a guard lash him with an electro-whip. Each lash increases in pain, with forty lashes enough to kill a Narn. G'Kar suffers thirty-nine lashes before he lets out a scream, much to Cartagia's glee.

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Returning to Babylon 5, Ivanova orders CinC to monitor Sector 70 by 10 by 53 for anything. In the Zocalo, Lennier notices movement and informs Delenn.

In CinC, a mysterious ship exits hyperspace at the jumpgate, and uses Babylon 5 own docking codes to start a docking sequence. Ivanova orders security to the docking bay. The security force scrambles, and are joined by Garibaldi.

Delenn allows the rally to start, with the Drazi and Hyach ambassadors telling the crowd about Delenn's plans. They want to try a peaceful solution with the Shadows, and believe that they might not even return for another thousand years.

At the docking bay, security lines up to greet the new arrivals, and are stunned by the occupants.

The rally turns violent, and the ambassadors point out that attacking Z'ha'dum is suicide. No one who goes there returns – just as John Sheridan arrives to prove them wrong. Sheridan gives a rousing speech about assembling the largest force in history to fight the Shadows, and to end the war not just for a thousand years, but forever. As the assembled crowd cheers Sheridan, he reunites with Delenn.

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Ivanova finds Lyta in her quarters, still recovering from her ordeal at Ulkesh's hand.

In his office, Sheridan explains the history of the Vorlons and Shadows to the command staff, but is distracted by Garibaldi, who is suspicious of Lorien. Ivanova, Lyta, and Marcus arrive, and they tell them about the Vorlon fleet they discovered. Not only that, but the Vorlon fleet attacked a Shadow base. The attack destroyed not only the base, but the entire planet -- a planet that was home to four million people.

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"Remember what I said before about 'There must be another way?' I was wrong: Kill him!"

Vir, about the plan to kill Cartagia

"Bloody hell..."

Marcus upon seeing the Vorlon planet killer

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This episode, along with the other episodes from season four, has been released on DVD with extensive special features.

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