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The Thenothk system, known to the Earth Alliance as the Tau Omega system, is located in a remote region of space out on the rim.[1] Thenothk was part of a cluster of Shadow strongholds within 30 light-years of Z'ha'dum.[1]

Kosh visited the Thenothk system during the Shadow War of Valen's era.[2] He peridically monitored the Shadows' movements throughout the rim. He accomplished this by quietly depositing Vorlon buoys, very sophisticated probes, in near orbit of Thenothk IV and the outer rim of the Thenothk system. The buoys were apparently undetectable, even to the Shadows and their allies. Kosh monitored the telemetry from the buoys but also periodically visited the Thenothk system to track fleet movements.

Throughout 2258, the Narn transport ship Khatkhata made scheduled jumps to the Thenothk system to deliver supplies to the Shadows and their allies. Unknown to the crew of the Khatkhata, the Centauri were also shipping weapons through the Thenothk system, to be ultimately used against the Narns.

Kosh and his ship visited the Thenothk system again during the Second Shadow War [2] Outside the orbit of Thenothk IV, Kosh confronted Alwyn's techno-mage ship.[2] As well as Alwyn, aboard the ship were Galen, Blaylock, and G'Leel.[2] Kosh, desiring to know whether Galen had fallen into chaos and succumbed to impulses of rage and destruction, positioned himself directly in front of Alwyn's vessel. Kosh hypothesized that if Galen had fallen into chaos and anarchy, Galen would use the Spell of Destruction indiscriminately, and attempt to destroy Kosh's ship. Though Galen was tempted to destroy Kosh's ship, especially since he decimated the massive City Center on Thenothk IV while especially enraged in combat against the Shadows and their allies, Galen ultimately did not destroy Kosh's ship.

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