Tu'Pari of the Thenta Makur

The Thenta Makur (literally translated as "many knives") are the finest assassin's guild in the Narn Regime. They leave their calling card—a death blossom—next to their intended target as a notice that the victim will soon die.[1][2]

They are a principled guild in that they always follow through their death commissions. They are unlikely to accept a bribe to spare a target's life because that would be betraying a commission. If an assassin were to betray a commission, the organization would find and kill their wayward member.

G'Kar was targeted by Tu'Pari, a Narn hired by G'Kar's bitter enemy, Councilor Du'Rog.

It is not known whether they operate outside the Narn Regime and accept commissions from non-Narns. Given the nature of such organizations, this is highly likely.


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