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Thermonuclear device is a catch-all term used for a weapon that utilises nuclear fusion to release an enormous amount of explosive energy.

Type and Uses[]

Sometimes referred to as Fusion Bombs, thermonuclear devices are manufactured by several races and come in a number of designs and explosive yields. The warheads on standard Earthforce tactical nukes like those carried aboard Hyperion class heavy cruisers are relatively small, disc-shaped devices with explosive yields around two megatons and can be fitted with proximity fuses, remote or timed detonators. Babylon 5 was equipped with several Model 501/6 Mk XI Thermonuclear Charges, one of which Captain Sheridan used in 2260 to destroy the Thirdspace artifact.[1][2][3]

The Gaim Intelligence manufacture a type of thermonuclear device capable of delivering a blast of five to six hundred megatons. Their casings are essentially flattened cylinders about one to two meters in length with a computer control interface on the top and can be operated remotely[4][5]

Like many other races, the Centauri Republic are known to use fusion bombs and during the Narn-Centauri War of 2259, it was discovered that the Republic was using Babylon 5 to illegally transfer fusion bombs along with support equipment for ion cannons, Mass drivers and heavy-energy weapons.[6]

During the last days of the Second Shadow War, Centauri Prime Minister Londo Mollari used three fusion bombs to destroy the island of Selini to rid Centauri Prime of the Shadow base that had been established there.[5] A year later, the Drakh followed this example when they secretly planted similar devices all over the planet to ensure Mollari's co-operation.[7]

The Shadow planetkiller utilized an array of thousands of missiles fitted with warheads with yields in the gigaton range.[8] In 2254, the allies of the Shadows attempted to use a fusion bomb equipped with magnetic grapples to destroy Babylon 4, intending to attach it to the station's fusion reactor, making it look like an accident.[9]

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