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The Thirdspace capital ships are large vessels used by the beings from Thirdspace.[1]


The Seraphim-class Dreadnoughts are huge imposing ships piloted by the Harbingers themselves, these ships are the primary spearheads of an extinction armada. It's their role to make room for the arrival of the Throne-class Gateships, so they can expand their Harbingers' domain. These ships are slow and relentless, able to withstand assaults by entire fleets of lesser ships. When this ship arrives at the targeted area, there is little that can stand in the Seraphim's way. Each of these starships is a weapon-laden fortress, one that groups of enemy ships have little chance of surviving. It's most powerful weapon is the "lightbringer array", which can cut up and atomise a target in seconds. Despite being astonishly powerful vessels, the Harbingers are reluctant to commit these ships to the forefront of any assault into a new territory. The prefer to send in the automated constructs which gauge the likelihood of the defenders overwhelming a Seraphim.

  • Crew: 50 Harbingers
  • Defenses: Defence Shield
  • Weapons: 1 lightbringer array, 3 twin-linked hellfire lancets, 8 hellfire lancets, 1 energy siphon focuser

Behind the Scenes

This ship was designed by Luc Mayrand[2]



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