The Thirdspace capital ships are large vessels used by the beings from Thirdspace.[1]


This ship is a very powerful vessel with origins in Thirdspace. It is at least 2,500 meters in length, most of its length being its incredibly powerful Antimatter bolters. Its forward structure is shaped like an outwardly curved "Y". The front has at least ten Antimatter Bolters, and it has several curved structures on the sides.

Power plant

The ThirdSpace capital ship is powered by a coupled gravitic drive system, which is the translucent energy sphere in the ship's center. This Dark Star Reactor also has several scales on the backside, which hold its entirely gravitic propulsion system. A Quantum singularity reactor serves as a backup, located in the middle of the "Y" shape.


The Thirdspace capital ships are armed with giant Antimatter bolters that are more powerful than Vorlon Technology or Shadow technology. Each ship has at least ten of these, with four being substantially larger than the rest.

Defensive systems

The Thirdspace capital ship is defended by an incredibly powerful energy field that can absorb the fire of four or more Sharlin class warcruisers. If its shields go down, it also has very thick armor that protects the critical systems.




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