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"Break off! BREAK OFF!!!"

Delta 7 upon seeing the first of many Thirdspace Alien fighters emerging from the vortex, shortly before the Thirdspace Alien Fighters open fire upon them.

A Thirdspace fighter is a small vessel controlled by the Thirdspace Aliens.

Armament and Technical Specifications[]

As part of their vast and near invincible armada, these ships are quite capable of equaling a Whitestar in firepower. These ships are small [yet larger than a SA-23E Mitchell-Hyundyne Starfury and almost the same size as a Whitestar-class vessel], fast, and armed with deadly weapons and defenses unlike anything ever seen. Starfuries could do practically nothing against them, and as quoted in the movie, "We have to hit them four times before they even notice." There is plenty of proof to that statement. The weapons systems were based around three coiled tentacle-like appendages that generated a surprisingly powerful flame-like plasma burst that is capable of crippling, or completely destroying, a Whitestar in just two shots and destroying a Starfury interceptor like it was nothing but a bug on a windshield.


Thirdspace fighters were first encountered after the Vorlons built and activated their gate about 1.5 million years before 2261.

When the artifact was reopened in 2261, dozens upon thousands of incoming Thirdspace Fighters began attacking Babylon 5's Starfury Squadrons and later the Minbari fleet. The alliance fleet consisting of many Starfurys, White Stars, and Minbari Sharlin-class war cruisers all converged on the portal to intercept the invaders. Captain John Sheridan, managed to safely enter the Thirdspace artifact, bringing a Thermonuclear device with him. The bomb detonated and destroyed the portal. The few remaining Thirdspace Alien fighters that survived were destroyed.


Canonbox default The following is based on The Mongoose Publishing RPG books and contradicts canon sources.

The Cherubim-class Invasion Frigates are the basic fleet ships of the Harbinger extinction armadas. It is the Cherubum which are the first Harbinger ships to arrive at a targeted area. These aren't manned ships but automated constructs of the Harbingers. Each Cherubim scans the area with its massive lens-like eye for anything that stands in the way of the larger ships. Depending on what they find, the Cherubim will immediately attack to pave the way for the larger ships. It's primary weapon is the "hellfire lancet", a flaming projectile. Which like plasma weapons is both solid and gaseous, but as powerful as a neutron laser. Upon hitting a target, it both burns and impacts the target, in the process inflicting a tremendous level of damage.

  • Crew: None
  • Defenses: self-repairing, defense shield
  • Weapons: 1 hellfire lancet

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The Thirdspace fighters themselves were actually designed by Luc Mayrand. According to Mayrand, the dark sphere was intended to be a black hole, used as a power source.[1]