Thirteen was the codename given to a Bureau 13 agent operating out of the San Diego wastelands in 2259, acting as the Bureau's point of contact for Control and oversaw Project Lazarus. Originally a Psi Cop, Thirteen's original identity has been marked as officially deceased.

Following Abel Horn's death during the Mars Rebellion in June 2258, Thirteen oversaw his "recruitment" into Project Lazarus. In March 2259 she coordinated with Control to smuggle Horn onto Babylon 5 to assassinate FutureCorp chief executive Taro Isogi and Mars Provisional Government representative Amanda Carter while implicating Free Mars. Isogi was successfully terminated but the murder was witnessed by the station's commercial telepath Talia Winters, Control stated that Ms. Winters could jeopardize the mission and Thirteen - apparently unaware of Control's true identity - ordered Horn to eliminate Winters and to proceed to phase 2, the termination of Carter.

The attempt on Ms. Winters failed when she touched Horn's mind and disrupted his Project Lazarus conditioning. Unable to complete his program and kill Carter, he was shot by Captain Sheridan which activated his self destruct. Control reported to Thirteen that the mission was only partly successful though did not believe the Bureau was at hazard. Thirteen unsatisfied with Control's belief, ordered Control to follow up until certain.

Her fate following the disbandment of Bureau 13 is unknown.[1]


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