Thomas was a Rogue Telepath associated with Byron's telepaths on Babylon 5 in 2262.


Thomas detected the arrival of Bester and the Psi Cops who came aboard to arrest them. Refusing to be caught, he and another telepath raided an armory and seized its weapons.[1] Becoming the leader of a violent faction, he and the others fought their way through a security blockade led by Captain Lochley, Zack, and Bester. When they became surrounded and outnumbered, Thomas ordered them to pull back and regroup. Afterwards he decided to create a hostage situation. Breaking into Medlab, he took a group of hostages including Garibaldi and Dr. Franklin. He contacted the President demanding the release of Byron, safe passage off the station, and the commencement of negotiations leading to the creation of a homeworld for telepaths. Meanwhile, Byron, hearing the demands broke out of Brown Sector with Lyta’s help and headed to Medlab. With the deadline up, Thomas prepared to kill Garibaldi when Byron came in and shot him, ending his violence and the station rebellion.[2]


  • Thomas was likely high on the Psi Scale as he was able to detect Psi Cops arriving in Blue Sector while he was several miles away in Brown Sector.


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