The Babylon Project
Canonbox default The following is based on The Mongoose Publishing RPG books and contradicts canon sources.

The Throne-class Gateships are the flagships of the Thirdspace Aliens.


The most powerful ships in the Harbinger extinction fleet, were the Throne-class Gateships. Colossal vessels that were 3 miles long, and shaped like spears or spikes. These ships slowly drift through space in the wake of their capital ships. Wherever their dreadnoughts went, at least one Throne was behind. The Harbingers had only a few dozen of these warships, 3 of which emerged in the Milky Way galaxy during the First Thirdspace War millions of years ago.

They are not just titanic warships, but also dimensional gates through which more Harbingers can arrive. Each is armed and shielded like a space station, vessels of incalculable power. It took the combined power of most of the First Ones to destroy the three Throne ships after they shut down the gate. Now that the First Ones have left the galaxy, there is nothing to step a Throne ship let alone three or more.