The Babylon Project

The Tikar are a sentient species.

In March 2257 a Tikar vessel made first contact with the Earth Alliance Starship EAS Agamemnon, under the command of Captain John Sheridan, in unknown space near the Saint Andre Nebula. The Tikar quickly deciphered the English language, but waited for the humans to decipher their language before conversing. Later they invited Sheridan aboard their ship for two days. Sheridan would later describe the Tikar as unlike any other alien race he had encountered.

In March 2259 a Tikar delegation lead by Latir Corvo visited Babylon 5 for a diplomatic conference. Tikar diplomatic protocol requires that a conference room be laid out with six yarwood chairs placed precisely one meter apart in a star pattern with the hee-lok on the center chair.

After the conference, Sheridan said he expected to see more Tikar visiting on Babylon 5 soon.[1]