The Babylon Project

Tilar was a techno-mage apprentice who was cast away in 2255.[1]

He wished he could have been like powerful techno-mages of old such as Frazur who gave the blessing to the first emperor of the Centauri Republic or ruled an empire like Kwa-kiri or Neldonic.

After being cast away, he returned to Centauri Prime. He used what he learned to gather a large fortune, but ended up losing it all. In December 2258, Galen encountered him on Zafran VIII. Tilar began to wear his crest short, and dressed in an ornately decorated vest and a white shirt. He became prone to consuming alcohol to the point where he was suffering from alcoholism.

Both Isabelle and Galen were highly suspicious of him when they first encountered him on Zafran VIII, not believing their encounter was a coincidence. After Elric became suspicious of a mysterious man by the name of Morden, he contacted Galen, and both concluded that Tilar was likely working for the Shadows alongside Morden.

Galen killed Tilar with a spell on Thenothk IV when Tilar attempted to stop Galen from escaping captivity by Elizar and the Shadows.[2]