"The human race doesn't measure the quality of what it's accomplished-only the quantity, the numbers. How much can we do before someone else can?"

Tim, to Captain Gideon

Tim was a former Earthforce soldier. [1] He was part of the Earthforce Bio-Weapons Division where he volunteered for dangerous and illegal cyber experiments. The project was a failure and ultimately abandoned.

In 2267 he and a group of thirty or so fellow test subjects managed to escape captivity and made it away from Earth shortly before the Drakh attack. Six months later they found and set down on Theta 49 in the Orion System, where they established a small colony. Unknown to them, their food supply had intentionally been contaminated with the Drakh plague.

Tim took Sarah Chambers hostage in an attempt to get Captain Matthew Gideon to leave the planet and the colonists alone. Gideon devised a scheme where it would appear that he had destroyed the shuttle, and reported that all had perished, allowing the colonists to live in peace from Earthforce's control.


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