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"Tirk. Drazi. I carry very large things. I... I... Tirk. Drazi."

Tirk. Drazi.

Tirk was a Drazi Ranger, the first of his race to join after the Drazi Freehold joined the Interstellar Alliance in 2262.[1][2]

In 2265, he was chosen by Shok-na David Martell to serve aboard the Liandra. Shortly afterwards, he was attacked by Minister Kafta, a traitor who was in league with the Hand. [2]


  • "Tirk" is not a usual Drazi name and according to Tirk, it was invented by his mother to mean: "Don't touch me. I’m not having another child after this, ever." The Drazi ambassador he was speaking to commented that his parents must be very proud of him to put so much meaning into such a short name.