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"You just gotta be strong, show them you mean business then you get to do whatever you wanna do."


"Attend, students. This is a classic archetype in action. The strongman, or "bully," as the humans call it. Essentially a coward whose only skill is convincing others to do what he's afraid to do himself."

Sech Turval

"Trace" was a human petty criminal.


Trace was part of a gang while living in Beta VII where they were able to scare down police there.

In 2262, Trace attempted to fill the vacuum in Babylon 5's underworld left after N'Grath was taken down. He started with killing certain key people in Downbelow and leaving their bodies in different places to throw off security. However, he observed Chief of Security, Zack Allan, deduce part of the plan and so he ordered his gang to kill him, despite their objections. He paid another person, Cynthia Teegarden, to lure Allan there. When he met her to wait for him, however, she objected when it was clear he planned to hurt Allan. Before he could move on her, though, a young Minbari Ranger in training, Tannier jumped in to save her. The gang subdued him, and Trace decided a dead Ranger would get his message across loud and clear. His gang beat Tannier almost to death to send a message. This plan backfired, however, when the Rangers implemented the Mora'dum: after clearing out his gang, the Rangers forced Trace to fight Tannier one-on-one (with the Minbari still badly injured from his beating). Trace objected, but when given no alternative, fought and lost to Tannier. He was subsequently taken into custody by station security.[1]