The Babylon Project

Trakis was a Golian slave owner and petty criminal.[1][2]

A former slave of the Centauri himself, he was the owner of the contractual slave Adira Tyree.[3] In 2258, he forced her to seduce Centauri Ambassador Londo Mollari so she could steal his Purple files, vital information about the Centauri Noble Houses he hoped to sell to the Narn Regime at a high price. After she kept delaying, he insisted she use a mind probe to get the data.

Adira successfully stole the files, but had actually fallen in love with Londo. She arranged to meet up with Trakis in the Zócalo and hand over the files, but overcome with grief she fled from him instead. Trakis decided to approach Mollari for him, claiming that he had no part in the theft and that Adira was secretly a Narn agent. He planted a listening device on Londo, which enables him to learn where Adira is as soon as Londo does. Trakis hired some thugs from N'Grath to delay Commander Jeffrey Sinclair and Londo long enough for him to seize Adira.

Trakis then met with G'Kar, as G'Kar had been duped into believing he would actually obtain the files. Wary when he arrived and telepath Talia Winters was present, Trakis was tricked into revealing Adira's location. Attempting to flee, he was knocked out by Londo, who recovered his files and rescued Adira. Afterwards, Sinclair "convinced" Trakis to free Adira.