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"I'm in charge of this mission, commander! I will not surrender Proxima or stand trial for following direct orders. I'm the one they'll hold responsible, not you! I'm dead either way."

Captain Trevor Hall to Commander Sandra Levitt

Captain Trevor Hall was the commanding officer of the EAS Heracles during the Earth Alliance Civil War and fought in the Battle of Proxima III.


Captain Hall remained loyal to President Morgan Clark during the Earth Alliance Civil War. He led the illegal blockade of Proxima III ordered by President Morgan Clark, commanding a task force of six Omega class destroyers. He personally carried out the orders to open fire on civilian transports attempting to flee the colony, causing the deaths of 10,000 civilians.

In September, 2261, Captain John Sheridan brought a fleet of ships to lift the blockade, resulting in the Battle of Proxima III. Captain Hall refused Sheridan's order to stand down and ordered his ships to attack. The battle quickly went badly, however, when two of his ships refused to engage and a third departed the system. The Heracles was soon disabled and badly damaged.

Sheridan again gave orders to return control of Proxima III to its lawful government and surrender, but Captain Hall refused to comply, knowing that he would stand trial for his actions in the blockade. Hall's second in command, Commander Sandra Levitt, relieved him of command rather than have the entire crew lose their lives due to his refusal to surrender.[1]