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True Seeker is a short story written by Fiona Avery and published in 'The Official Babylon 5 Magazine', issue #23. This was Fiona Avery's first published short story. She also wrote the Crusade episodes "The Well of Forever" and "Patterns of the Soul".


The story takes place in 2269 and follows Alisa Beldon, now a True seeker as she helps Jerrica Thomas - a young Narn girl who had been raised by Humans on Earth after being evacuated from her Homeworld during the last days of the Narn-Centauri War - to find her biological family. During the course of the search Alisa seeks the assistance of her old acquaintance, the now famous Na'Toth and discovers the girl has a surprising heritage and that others are willing to kill her to prevent the girl from claiming her birthright.

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