The Babylon Project

Tu'Pari is a Narn and member of the Thenta Makur. In 2258 he was hired by Du'Rog to kill Ambassador G'Kar, one of his enemies in the Kha'Ri, upon his death. Like all members of the assassin's guild, he left a black flower (or "death blossom") near one of his intended victims so they knew to get their affairs in order.

Tu'Pari started his pursuit by assuming the identity of a diplomatic courier, Ru'Dak, en route to Babylon 5 after killing him. After arriving on the station, he gave G'Kar a message from Du'Rog which explained that Du'Rog had hired an assassin to kill G'Kar. He then stayed away, keeping G'Kar in suspense, and made a short trip to leave his calling call black flower on G'Kar's pillow during the night while he slept. He then killed the bodyguard the Narn hired, and misled him into thinking that his new ambassadorial aide Na'Toth was the assassin. Tu'Pari finally showed his hand and incapacitated him as he found out the real courier went missing. Tu'Pari brought G'Kar to an isolated location on the station where he proceeded to torture the ambassador according to his instructions, trying to get him to cry out for mercy via pain givers before killing him.

Unbeknownst to him, Na'Toth realized what was going on, deduced where he was, and came to interfere. She claimed to be his backup, but Tu'Pari was still suspicious. He watched her beat G'Kar up, but didn't realize that disabled the pain givers. G'Kar knocked him out and they left him unconscious until after the appointed time agreed to by the assassin and the Thenta Makur for G'Kar's death. G'Kar deposited money into Tu'Pari's account to make it appear that he had been bribed into not killing G'Kar, scandalizing the Thenta Makur.

Upon hearing this, Tu'Pari realized that his life was all but over as the Thenta Makur is not a forgiving organization. He left the station on the Earth Alliance transport, Alpha 7, to escape.[1]


Tu'Pari's sole appearance was in The Parliament of Dreams.