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Canonbox default.png The following is based on Clark's Law and contradicts canon sources.

The Tuchanq are a sentient species from a planet of the same name (though they often refer to it as The Land.) Though they are roughly described as humanoid, their physiology and biology stretches the definition to its limits. On average, they are about 2 or 3 meters tall when standing erect, but they prefer crouching on all fours. Their bodies are extremely slender, and their arms and legs are roughly the same length. They do not have eyes, and instead of ears, they have ruffs of flexible tentacle-like spines that wrap around the back of their heads and necks.

The Tuchanq do not sleep, or at least they do not dream. Whereas most sentients use dreams to organize their memories, the Tuchanq instead use "Songs". The Song of Being contains the individual's personality, while the Song of Journey contains their memories. These must be constantly sung, and if a Tuchanq is somehow rendered unconscious, they forget the Songs and become incredibly violent.


Little is known about Tuchanq ancient history, but between 2242 and 2259, the Tuchanq homeworld was under a brutal occupation by the Narn Regime. The Narn cared little for the Tuchanq, and the occupation almost completely destroyed the environment and laid waste to Tuchanq cultural heritage.

When Tuchanq was finally liberated, the Elder Stateswoman, nuViel Roon, took a delegation with her to Babylon 5 to beg for assistance from Earth.


  • Song of Being - The individual's Song describing their personality.
  • Song of Journey - The individual's Song describing their personal history.
  • Song of Freedom - A Song describing the events of Tuchanq's liberation from the Narn Regime.
  • Song of the Land - A Song about the geography and pre-occupation history of the Tuchanq homeworld.