"Like old Buffer used to say, "Any GROPO who ain't scared is either dead or stupid.""


Private First Class Turnbow, or "Large" as was most often known was a member of the Earthforce Marine Corps, or "ground-pounders".


A thirty year veteran of the Corps, Large has served Earth in just about every major conflict in that time, from the Dilgar Invasion to the Earth-Minbari War and beyond. Most of those years were spent together with his best friend and comrade "Buffer", whom he met around 2232. Buffer was killed in action during the Mars Rebellion in December 2258.

In 2259, Large served in the 356th Infantry Division under General Richard Franklin and was despatched to Babylon 5, ostensibly as relief troops for Io, but in reality headed for the Sh'lassen planet Akdor as a part of Operation Sudden Death.

While on the station, he along with GROPO rookie Private Yang were billeted in Warren Keffer's quarters. Though Keffer was far from pleased to find a pair of Jar-heads had moved in with him without his knowing, Large quickly endeared him to them.

Unfortunately, Large was killed in action on Akdor alongside Privates Kleist, Yang and P.F.C. Durman while assaulting the rebel stronghold at Matok.[1]


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