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Sech Turval was a Minbari of the Religious Caste who belonged to the Eighth Fane of Tredomo.[1]

Prior to Jeffrey Sinclair taking over in 2259, Turval held the position of Anla'Shok Na, (roughly translated as Ranger One) presumably since the death of Lenonn in 2247.[1] Thereafter he became the meditation teacher.[1][2] Among his students was Lennier.[3]

In 2262, he served as an Anla'shok instructor alongside Sech Durhan. Together, they trained a new generation of Rangers from worlds as diverse as Earth, Zhabar, Pa'ri, Abba IV and even Pak'ma.

Turval was asked by Durhan to accompany him to Babylon 5 to report their progress to Delenn. Turval took two recruits with him, Rastenn and Tannier. He met with Durhan and Delenn and, later, Turval noted his concern over Lennier to her privately. Turval later participated in a Mora'dum, when Tannier was attacked by a lurker gang led by Trace.[2]