Ulkesh's Ship was a Vorlon transport owned by Ambassador Ulkesh Naranek.

In 2260 Ulkesh travelled aboard his ship to take up his new post as Ambassador to Babylon 5. He docked his ship in Bay 13, the berth previously reserved for the late Ambassador Kosh's ship as part of an ongoing ruse to cover-up Kosh's recent death.[2]

In early 2261, during Ulkesh's struggle with Kosh, Ulkesh's transport forced it's way out of the docking bays where it exploded into five pieces outside the station.[3] Those pieces were later retrieved and returned to Bay 13 for study but to everyone's surprise the five pieces quickly became four, then three until the ship had fully repaired itself.

After the departure of the Vorlons to the Rim, the ship went dormant and it remained in Bay 13 undisturbed for almost a year, until January 2262 when President Sheridan piloted the ship to the EAS Titans, where with the help of Lyta Alexander it was linked to the ship's system through an open connection in Bay 7 so it could override the hidden Shadow technology buried somewhere on board the Titans. According to Sheridan, the revived ship was satisfied with the new arrangement stating "it would like to have something interesting to do." Captain Ivanova ordered the few crew that knew of the ship to secrecy stating that they were holding it for Earthforce Intelligence until further notice and ordered Bay 7 sealed off until further notice.[4]