The Babylon Project

The Ulysses was a merchant vessel owned by Carolyn Sykes.[1]

In 2257, Sykes took the Ulysses on a trading expedition to the Damocles Sector where she sold some merchandise to a group of Centauri. Once the deal was completed she continued on to Babylon 5, by chance docking some 20 minutes prior to an assassination attempt on the Kosh Naranek, the newly arrived Vorlon ambassador. Later when the crisis was resolved, the Ulysses departed the station. Just before boarding the Ulysses, Carolyn unsuccessfully tried to convince Sinclair to come with her, indicating they could purchase a bigger ship if they pooled their savings.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The Ulysses did not appear on screen in the original version of 'The Gathering' and when it did make an appearance in the 1998 Special Edition commissioned by TNT, the shot was actually re-used footage of the Skydancer tanken from 'Mind War'.