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The United States of America (United States, US, USA, or America) was a country in the North American continent on Earth. This was the fourth largest country on the planet, after Russia, Canada and China. The capital was Washington, DC. Its unofficial main language was English.

This country was a representative republic, founded in the 18th century. The United States played a significant role in the history of Earth prior to the world's unification. The people and culture of the United States were known as American.

The Earth Alliance was founded in 2085 by the countries of Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, The Netherlands, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States as a political and economic association in the aftermath of World War III, and it became Earth's official government.[1]

A small number of sub-light sleeper ships were commissioned by the United States for early interstellar travel.[2]

Eventually, the United States and Canada formed a single government, called the American State.[3]

Notable Districts, territories, and cities

Notable Americans


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