The Babylon Project

"You are not ready for immortality."

Ambassador Kosh, 2258

Jha'dur's serum

Universal anti-agapic is a type of serum that retards the ageing process, fights disease and makes the recipient effectively immortal.[1]

While the Russian Consortium had experimented with the concept without success, the Dilgar war criminal Jha'dur, otherwise known as "Deathwalker" managed to apply her expertise to create a working serum. The serum itself was unstable and difficult to produce in sufficient quantities and the key ingredient cannot be synthesized and must instead be taken from living beings, at the cost of their life. Using herself as a test subject verified the credibility of her discovery as when she came out of hiding in 2258, her appearance was that of a Dilgar many years younger than it would have otherwise been. After a brief political stand-off between the Babylon 5 Advisory Council and the representatives of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds concerning Jha'dur prosecution for crimes against sentients, all parties settled on a compromise that allowed Jha'dur to cooperate with the Earth Alliance and the League worlds to reproduce the serum. The serum was however lost shortly afterwards when a Vorlon ship destroyed Jha'dur's flyer with her and the serum aboard.