The Babylon Project

WIP 1[]

Excalibur Mission Chronology[]

Location Date Mission notes Episode
Babylon 5, Epsilon System December 30, 2266 Partial refit. ("A Call to Arms")
Mars, Sol System January 1, 2267 Further refit and transfer of specialist crew members and command staff ("War Zone")
Ceti IV January 4, 2267 Drakh Councillor Captured, Max Eilerson and Trace Miller added to crew. ("War Zone")
Lanep System January 4, 2267 Captain Gideon meets with Galen. ("War Zone")
Deep Space Feb 28, 2267 Excalibur called to assist EAS Medusa at Regula IV ("The Long Road")
Regula IV Mar 2, 2267 Hostages released, EF mining operation destroyed. ("The Long Road")
Deep Space Mid-March, 2267 Encountered Derelict Ship of an unknown alien race. ("Appearances and Other Deceits")
Uncharted planet March 30th - April 1st, 2267 Planet infected with techno-mage nano-virus. Control center destroyed, inert virus adapted as a nano-virus shield. ("The Memory of War")
Tarkon III April, 2267 Survey mission found no survivors. ("The Needs of Earth")
Deep Space April, 2267 Rendezvous with White Star 20. Receive intelligence on Moradi fugitive from Anla'shok Trulann. ("The Needs of Earth")
Praxis IX, Praxis System April, 2267 Natchok Var apprehended, though later turned over to Moradi authorities after the Morada VII cultural database is covertly copied. ("The Needs of Earth")
Babylon 5, Epsilon System April, 2267 Captain Gideon and General Miller meets with Brakiri Ambassador Lethke Zum Bartrado and the Drazi Freehold Ambassador. ("Racing the Night")
Uncharted planet April, 2267 Planet found to be a victim of the Drakh plague during the First Shadow War. Entire race found in suspended animation, with one awake to monitor the tests to find a cure. ("Racing the Night")
Deep space, Eridani Sector May 13th, 2267 Encounter with an unknown alien life pod. ("Visitors from Down the Street")
Unnamed planet, Eridani Sector May 14th, 2267 Copies of the Interstellar Encyclopedia loaded onto 20 planetary surface probes and dropped into planet's atmosphere. ("Visitors from Down the Street")
Deep Space Late May, 2267 Ordered by Earthgov to wait at a rendezvous point in deep space until contacted. EAS Foxfire arrived 2 hours late and delivers Mr. David Williams and Senator Jacob Redway, who relays orders from the joint chiefs to proceed immediately and at top speed to sector 100 by 17 by 3. ("Each Night I Dream of Home")
Earth, Sector 100 by 17 by 3 Late May, 2267 Picks up a single person life pod from a self destructing atmospheric shuttle containing Dr. Stephen Franklin, head of Xenobiological Research at Earthdome. ("Each Night I Dream of Home")
Deep Space Late May, 2267 Intercepted and engaged by three Drakh heavy-attack ships while in medbay, Dr. Franklin isolates and tracks the progression of the Drakh plague nano-virus as it infects Mr. Williams. ("Each Night I Dream of Home")

Random Notes[]

Travel Times[]

  • B5 -> Minbar = three-and-a-half-days (city of sorrows)
  • B5 -> Earth = two days (messages from earth)
  • Centauri Prime -> Narn = three days (falling towards apotheosis)


  • Miller, (security)
  • Baldwin, Forklift Two, junior, newer member of the team
  • Marlette, Delta 7
  • MacPhearson, Delta 6 "Mac"
  • Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter as Merchant Rogers, zocalo vendor

The Nautilus Coil[]

  • Garibaldi, "Not as cold as Mars, where Garibaldi had grown up, but still pretty chilly."
  • Antony, one of Lyta's teeps
  • Kirstin Firth, the freckled kid at navigation.
  • Captain Dochale, a middle-aged man with striking Dravidian features and colouring and not a single grey hair
  • Mr. Diamond
  • Toreador
    • "The Toreador was a refitted IPX ship, as red in tooth and claw as Garibaldi could make her. She couldn’t duke it out with a White Star, or even an EA destroyer like the Agamemnon, but anything else had better watch out."
  • Cyclops class cruiser
    • "...dead empty ship. Life support systems turned off, ship opened to space. no bodies, no trace of violence, nothing at all to indicate what had become of the crew. log wiped blank, computer not aware of anything that had happened since leaving Io. an atmospheric shuttle was missing from the hanger."
  • Thermaskin parka

Terminology Notes[]

  • Stellar cast
  • Metazine
  • Maser
  • Rad launcher
  • energy cap
  • Roach bats
  • Frag
  • Net/interweb
  • ultraviolet - security clearance
  • Breather - O2 mask
  • C-15 - explosive
  • Cardial stimulator
  • full torso stimulation
  • changling net
  • Chit - See credit chit
  • credit chit
  • fane - minbari clan "shrine"
  • crawler
  • Durza - centauri opera singer
  • deridium
  • deridium nitrate
  • eronium radiation - A Spider in the Web
  • florazyne
  • foam protect - crash foam (comic)
  • fosterage - centauri tradition
  • Gold channel
  • ICE - intruder countermearure electronics
  • handmic
  • medbracelet - monitors vitals
  • mind burst
  • mind probe - device
  • mindquake
  • morbidium
  • morph gas
  • oxy pills
  • paingivers
  • skin tab
  • preslecomp - drug (distant star)
  • purple files
  • recorder
  • bot
  • maint bot
  • secur bot
  • Shock stick
  • slappers - see skin tabs
  • spacing
  • Tech runner
  • Vibe Shower
  • Vibration detonator
  • Virtual reality cybernet
  • Vortex generator
  • XB7 Tracking unit - EF scanning device used since Minbari War
  • Yogtree - Fried tree worm.
  • Val-too! - A toast ("The Parliament of Dreams".)
  • Anouri - Narn Metal
  • Pouchlings - Narn infants.
  • "Good eating to you" - Narn greeting.
  • Shrock! - A Narnish expletive