The Babylon Project

I'm really revving up the work done on this wiki by adding a great number of articles and adding in additional content where I'm able to. Cleanup is also crucial since I'm throwing up dozens of articles at a time (or so it seems!). At some point I'd like to get to work on some of the more administrative aspects of the wiki, so it's more "complete" like other wikis.

I may take short wiki-breaks from time to time, probably because I have a real life, and work will get in the way because I need to make a living.


Step by step I'm generally doing this:

  • Phase 1: Create baseline articles that have at least a minimum amount of detail - aka starter stub articles (using the 'wanted pages' as a guide). This will allow new users to add to articles instead of having to start a lot of new ones (for the majority of topics).
  • Phase 2: Start adding more data to each article.
  • Phase 3: Repeat.

Helpful links[]

  • Special:Specialpages (Everything you need!)
  • Special:Wantedpages (really helpful to see what still needs to be written. Also helpful to find misspelled or redundant article names, if you use this make sure that it still "exists" on other pages before editing since there is lag in when the page is cached!)