Hello, I'm a Small Earth Cat. At this time I'm editing the White Wolf Wiki instead of this one, and reading World of Darkness books instead of watching B5. I will return here eventually.

I started a discussion about the races on the show here.


I've edited several times but didn't expect to stay so long or edit so much, and at first I didn't realize how much my ISP was changing. So I finally got around to reading the TOS and making an account. Previously I edited under 2601:441:467F:E7D2:58A0:1C2C:B8F9:E0BC,,, and ISPs starting with 2601:441:4680:3230:... I apologize for the confusion.

Avatar is by Michal Klajban CC BY-SA 4.0, cropped to fit.

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new pages: T'llin, Category:Journalists, Titan, Nelier, Day of the Dead: An Annotated Babylon 5 Script, Writhing Man, Brakiri spacedocks, Shadow hybrid fighter, and Drakh spacedock

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