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Please stop[]

Polymorphic, please stop reverting back to your previous edit on the Daltron page. My changes were meant as an improvement, not as a personal statement against you. When I last revised your writing, I was much clearer about why the revisions had to be made. Unfortunately, you're not seeing those problems for one reason or another, so I will explain more fully:

  • Fixing multiple writing errors--Words were misspelled (examples: "per-interstellar" instead of "pre-interstellar," "unknwon" instead of "unknown"), punctuation was incorrect (example: around the word that should have been "unknown" you had one parentheses and one bracket instead of two parentheses), and some of your word choices were incorrect (examples: entire races are not individuals so they shouldn't be labeled as "who," and "the Daltrons" instead of just "Daltrons" implies a small group rather than a species numbering in the millions or billions).
  • Removing subjective editorializing--Like any wiki, writing on the Babylon Project has to be neutral, objective, and detached, without personal commentary; just describe the person, place, or thing. You can find more information about this on the Babylon Project's style guide pages. Writing "Many races like the Ikarran and Markab can be count as responsible for their own extinctions, but the Daltrons were only guilty of been born in the wrong place at the wrong time" sounds like personal commentary mixed with the fact. In one of my revisions, I tried to maintain your point that they were probably innocent, but worded in a way that is more neutral.
  • Removing excess content--Your note was two sentences long, but it needed only one sentence. If no canon source gives a name, then there is automatically no official name; one implies the other. On your other point, of course the word "Daltron" could be the species' name. Planets and species share names throughout Babylon 5 and in almost every other science fiction story one can think of, so it's not worth pointing out.

I hope this clarifies things for you. If you wish to respond to any of these clarifications, I look forward to reading your comments before any further edits or reversions are made. Few things on a wiki are more unpleasant than an edit war. -- BlueResistance (talk) 18:54, March 23, 2013 (UTC)