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Subjective writing, again Edit

The Babylon Project, just like Wikipedia and a host of other wikis, is an encyclopedic resource for objective, neutral information and not a forum for opinions. Most viewers probably see Ulkesh as a "jerk," but that is an emotionally based judgment and not reporting of objective fact from the show. Writing the word as a strikethrough underscores the subjective character of your edit. See the "Removing subjective editorializing" section of the March 23, 2013 post on your original talk page. -- BlueResistance (talk) 15:27, April 11, 2014 (UTC)

Paraphrasing Edit

The apocrypha you added from Darkness and Light: The Vorlon and Shadow Factbook was cited appropriately, but the content needs to be succinctly paraphrased. Simply copying and pasting--especially a lengthy passage like that one--runs the risk of legal problems down the road. Aside from this, wiki readers aren't looking to read the original text verbatim; if they were, they would just go to the original text and anything here would be superfluous. -- BlueResistance (talk) 10:46, May 24, 2014 (UTC)

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