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Valen'tha at the Battle of the Line
Owner: Minbari Federation
Operator: Grey Council
Religious Caste
Warrior Caste
Worker Caste
Class: Sharlin-class warcruiser
Status: Active (2261)

The Valen'Tha was a Minbari Sharlin class warcruiser used exclusively by the Grey Council as their mobile base of operation. [1][2][3]


In 2245 while en route to Z'ha'dum it encountered an Earth Alliance convoy lead by the EAS Prometheus and was severely damaged when the Earthforce ships opened fire.

In 2248, prior to the Battle of the Line, the Valen'Tha participated in an attack on an Earth base which included a station, numerous starfuries, and at least two Hyperion class heavy cruisers, which were all destroyed. The Valen'Tha was damaged during the battle and members of the Grey Council were killed. This incident helped Delenn realized that she was wrong in her decision earlier about retaliating against Earth.[4]

During the Battle of the Line, the Valen'Tha was one of the lead cruisers of the Minbari's final assault on Earth and, on orders from the Grey Council, captured Commander Jeffrey Sinclair's Starfury. It is because of this that it was discovered that Minbari souls are being born into Humans, which in turn led to the Minbari surrender. [5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15]

In 2258, the Valen'Tha went to meet with Ambassador Delenn's diplomatic courier in order to choose a new leader for the Grey Council. The Valen'Tha returned to Minbar after Delenn declined the position. [16][17] In 2259, the Valen'Tha met with Ambassador Delenn to remove her from the Grey Council. [18] In 2260, the Valen'Tha met with Zhalen, which brought Ambassador Delenn. Delenn dissolved the Grey Council, which was prophesied. [19] In 2261, the Grey Council was reinstated by Delenn on the Valen'Tha. [20]


  • The Valen'Tha is often misidentified as the Minbari flagship, though this is not strictly true as (until it's destruction at least), the Black Star was identified as the flagship of the Minbari. The Valen'Tha on the other hand may simply be the Minbari equivalent of Earthforce One.



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