The Babylon Project
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"If human military designers had their way every colour of the spectrum would be removed except for grey, green and black and we would all live in windowless boxes."

Ranger Dulann on the Valen's design aesthetic

The Valen was the first attempt to blend Human and Minbari technology as a joint project developed by the Interstellar Alliance.[1]

The Valen was the first and only ship of its design and did not go into full production.[2]

In 2265, shortly after its completion, the Valen was given over to Anla'shok service and put under the command of Anla'shok Tannier. Its first mission was to transport a number of ISA officials to a conference on Beta Durani VII, with the Liandra assigned as escort.

The ship and the colony were destroyed shortly after exiting hyperspace by the servitors of a race known as The Hand. During the brief firefight, Shok-na Tannier ordered the diplomats to get to the escape pods while he and his crew remained on board, buying enough time for pods to be recovered by the Liandra.


  • It is possible that this ship could have been an early, small-scale test bed for the more ambitious Victory class destroyer.