The Babylon Project

Vance Hendricks is a member of Interplanetary Expeditions and renowned Earth archaeologist.


Dr. Hendricks had been a respected professor of archaeology. One of his students was Stephen Franklin. Growing disillusioned with the academic scene, however, Hendricks joined Interplanetary Expeditions and began to investigate the ruins of long dead worlds. He had the opportunity to open vaults sealed since before Humans existed and stood in the Ibendi desert to see seven moons eclipse. He was particularly excited about one of his trips to Ikarra VII in 2258 where he was convinced a space-faring civilization once lived. He headed a team that included Nelson Drake and spent months excavating. They finally found artifacts that turned out to be organic technology.

Hendricks decided that he could increase the value of the artifacts if he could establish their organic nature. He had Drake smuggle the artifacts to Babylon 5 in hopes that his old student, then head of medical on the station, would help him study the artifacts and figure out how they work. After giving Franklin a limited version of how he obtained them and why he wants Franklin to help him, including a lie that the artifacts had already gone through quarantine near Proxima III, Franklin agreed to help. The two spent the day investigating, until it became clear that Drake was infected by one of the artifacts. The result led him begin to grow into an ancient Ikarran war machine, one that attacked Franklin and several people on the station.

When confronted by Michael Garibaldi and Jeffrey Sinclair, Hendricks denied knowing anything about why it attacked Franklin, but offered to help stop the possessed Drake before he destroyed the station. Hendricks and Franklin continued to study the artifacts and uncovered their true nature. Using that knowledge, Sinclair was able to stop the warrior and save Nelson's life. While Nelson recovered, Dr. Franklin confronted Hendricks about a device he found in Nelson's belongings that was used to murder a crewman when he and Hendricks first arrived. Nelson confirmed that Hendricks had broken the law by refusing to quarantine the artifacts. Hendricks then admitted the full story, that IPX is a front for a bio-weapons supplier and he hoped to sell the artifacts for billions. He offered to make Franklin a partner, saying IPX can clean up the mess, but Franklin turned him down and Hendricks was arrested. [1]