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Varn's Race was a race of humanoid beings.

In 1758, Varn, the last of his race (except for a group of violent outcasts, exiled many years before) took guardianship of the Great Machine deep beneath the surface of Epsilon III attended by a race of caretakers.

The Violent outcasts would spend the next 500 years searching for the location of the machine, until finally in 2258 they detected its automated beacon, activated when Varn began nearing the end of his life. The Outcasts, led by Takarn, attempted to claim the planet, which had since become the location of the Earth Alliance space station Babylon 5. A short skirmish with the station and the Heavy Cruiser EAS Hyperion was interrupted by Draal, a Minbari and the newly installed guardian of the machine, warning that any party attempting to claim the planet would be destroyed. Takarn ignored this warning and moved his ship in, only for it to be obliterated by an energy beam from the planet's surface, and Varn appears to have died soon after effectively rendering his race extinct.[1]

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  • The term "Varn's Race" is used here only as a descriptor, as no official name for this race was ever mentioned.
  • In a post dated 02/08/1997, J Michael Straczynski confirms that Varn’s race were not the Builders of the Great Machine, and that a TNT movie was planned to feature the Builders which never materialised.
  • J Michael Straczynski had this further to say "Of course, insofar as I recall, it wasn't stated in the episode that Varn's people actually *built* the Great Machine; after all, if they could build it, why would the others have been searching for it so frantically for the last several hundred yeas?"