The Babylon Project

"Perhaps to you this was a tactical problem to be solved... for us this has been a great sorrow. The crew of the Tragati were heroes to our people. Their death with be mourned and your name will be remembered."

Vastor to John Sheridan

Vastor was a Minbari Captain of the Warrior Caste.

In January 2259 Vastor captained a cruiser. He was sent to track down the Tragati. While waiting in hyperspace for word of a new sighting, they received a narrow beam transmission from Babylon 5 and quickly jumped in through the Epsilon III jumpgate. He ordered the Tragati to surrender, but the ship attempted to open jump point and escape. Vastor opened fire, crippling their aft engines. Unable to escape and unwilling to go home in shame, the Tragati self destructed, taking their fighters with them in the blast. Vastor contacted B5 C'n'C and expressed his displeasure with the situation, promising that the Minbari would not forget the involvement of John Sheridan.[1]