The Babylon Project

Vega Colony is a planetary colony of the Earth Alliance, located in the Vega System, Sector 654.

Between 2256 and 2257 Del Varner was indicted three times for tech-running from the Vega system.[1]

Morden claimed to have been interned in a medical facility on Vega Colony after the Icarus went missing.[2]

In late 2258 the EAS Hyperion was in hyperspace en route to the Vegan outpost when it received a countermand order from Office of Planetary Security to reroute to Epsilon Eridani and ordered to assume control of the situation regarding the find on Epsilon III.[3]

In 2260, Robert Carlson stole explosives from an ice-mining operation on Vega VII.[4]

In 2266, The EAS Charon, under the command of Captain Leonard Anderson, was traveling to Vega before re-routing his ship to Babylon 5.[5]