The Babylon Project

Venus is the second planet located in the Sol system.

In 2080, allies of the Shadows discover the Vorlon activity on Earth and track them to Antarctica. One Vorlon is killed while the other escapes, hiding on Venus.

In 2189, Kevin Vacit and Natasha Alexander go to Venus after the discovery of the same magnetic anomaly which was found in Antarctica. They meet the Vorlon, who explains that "Evolution crawls to imperfection." The Vorlon modifies Natasha's DNA to bring one of her decedents closer to them in the future.[1]

Orbital Facilities[]

Lucifer Station[]

In 2189, Psi Corps Director Kevin Vacit, accompanied by Natasha Alexander, and Psi Cops Sasaki and Trout travelled from Station Prime to Lucifer Station aboard the Varona, ostensibly to investigate a murder which Vacit claim may have been perpetrated by a rogue telepath. The true purpose of his trip was to take one of the Varona's atmospheric shuttles and search for an unknown alien, that he believed was connected to the origin of telepaths.[1]