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Victor Lundin (b. June 15, 1930, Chicago, Illinois - July 2, 2013) was an actor. He was the very first Klingon ever seen on Star Trek.

Psi Corps official

In the episode he had an office in Teeptown, Earth, and called Alfred Bester in for a briefing on a new campaign aimed at discrediting Babylon 5. Bester was required to order his Black Omega Squadron on a secret mission to the last jumppoint between Earth and the station where an Earthforce squadron was on patrol to prevent such travel. The Black Omega team would ambush the other team and plant evidence that the crew of Babylon 5 were at fault.

He passed away in 2013 after an undisclosed illness.


Babylon 5 TV Series[]

  • Co-Starring, Epiphanies, (10 February 1997) - Psi Corps Official

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