The Victory was one of two prototype ships built for the joint Earth/Minbar Destroyer class White Star project.[1][2]


Built alongside its sister ship Excalibur at a shipyard overseen by Michael Garibaldi and Samuel Drake the Victory was the culmination of a joint ISA/EA project to produce a Destroyer class White Star. In late 2266, ISA President John Sheridan took a tour of the nearly complete Excalibur. During the shakedown cruise, the Excalibur suffered engine troubles, but was towed by twelve crew shuttles to the weapons test range.

Following a brief trip to Babylon 5, Sheridan returned in the EAS Charon, and took command of the two prototype destroyers on a mission to investigate a warning sent by the techno-mage Galen. Crewing both the destroyers with personnel from the Charon, Sheridan took personal command of the Excalibur while the Charon's CO, Captain Leonard Anderson took command of the Victory.

After arriving at Daltron VII, the Excalibur and the Victory discovered that the planet was devastated by a Death Cloud in the hands of the Drakh. Shortly after a survey team returned from the surface, the destroyers were engaged by a Drakh scouting force. The Excalibur followed the Drakh vessels to the main staging area of the Drakh Fleet. The Excalibur returned to the Victory and both vessels escaped into Hyperspace. The Excalibur and the Victory joined a large force at Earth in preparation against the Drakh.

In the ensuing battle, the Victory rammed the Death Cloud's main control system segment, destroying the ship and prematurely triggering the mechanism before it could reach Earth.[2] The Victory was lost with all hands, including Pierre Bouet.[3]


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