The Babylon Project

". . . When the books have gone and the histories have been burned every world will look back to learn what went before. And they will turn to us, and we will be there...keepers of the past, the present and the future."

Matthew Duffin and a Vindrizi

The Vindrizi are a sentient, symbiotic race.[1]

Appearances and Physiology[]

The Vindrizi resemble an insect shaped like a short spine with a pincer-like head. The spike-like "legs" on its sides integrate directly into the chosen host's neural system. Their potential hosts include a wide variety of lifeforms. The Vindrizi are composed of 100% genetically neutral material, which allows them to exist in any organic lifeform.

Effects on Host[]

When a Vindrizi is introduced into a host, it cures them of all physical problems and diseases and probably enhances other faculties as well. Once a host takes on a Vindrizi it can be separated from it, but the former host cannot take on another Vindrizi because it would cause extensive neural damage to the host.

The Vindrizi have great difficulty assuming control of a host that is heavily under the influence of drugs or other foreign substances; the individual Vindrizi usually dies if this happens.


The Vindrizi were created about half a million years ago by an unknown race on an unknown world. They were intended to be living recorders, holding broad and deep memories that would educate various beings if all records were lost and the universe were to descend into a new dark age. They are deeply dedicated to their purpose, and they have always been particularly interested in partnering with "lost" beings who never really had a chance to live.

In 2260, they were discovered and recognized for what they really are by Dr. Franklin and Marcus, when they came to Babylon 5 for fresh new hosts.

Known hosts included Duncan, Jacque Lee, Matthew Duffin, and Samuel.