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This article is about the Centauri Minister. For the Centauri Regent, see: Milo Virini

Virini was a highly influential Centauri Minister during the rule of Emperor Cartagia.[1]


In 2260, Virini instructed Drigo to redecorate the interior of the building that once housed the Kha'Ri on Narn to match the Royal Palace on Centauri Prime, as a surprise for Emperor Cartagia should he ever come to visit.

Shortly afterwards, at Lord Refa's invitation he traveled with him to Babylon 5. Because of VIrini's obvious influence with Cartagia, Refa wished to convince the Minister during his visit to take his side and tip the balance in the ongoing feud between Houses Mollari and Refa.

Refa wasted no time in extolling his own virtues and achievements, reminding Virini that it was he that removed Prime Minister Malachi, enabling Cartagia to ascend to the throne, that it was also he that organized the attack on the Narn Homeworld and that he has more influence in the Centaurum. At the same time Refa derided Londo, claiming that he had spent too much time around aliens and had become out of touch. Virini acknowledged the Emperor's appreciation for Refa's efforts, but stated that the division between two of the Republic's oldest noble houses must end and he would decide for himself which side is more worthy.

Londo arrived at Virini's quarters just as Refa was departing. Virini told him much the same as he told Refa, that his ongoing rivalry with Lord Refa was threatening to destabilize the Royal Court and that the Emperor had no preference in the matter, just that he wanted it resolved. Londo agreed that it must end and offered to prove the value of House Mollari over that of House Refa by ridding the Royal Court of an a certain embarrassment that had plagued it for some time.

Some time later, after Refa's dismembered body was found on Narn, Mollari presented to Virini with a data crystal found on the dead lord that contained damning - faked - evidence that he had been attempting to bargain with the Narn Resistance and and planning on having Virini killed for obstructing his ambitions. Though Virini was skeptical that Refa could be a traitor, he acknowledged that the man had been upset that the Minister was questioning his loyality. With the feud quite clearly settled, Virini thanked Mollari for bringing this information to his attention and assured him Emperor Cartagia would be most grateful for his assistance.


  • Although sharing an identical name with another Centauri noble, Milo Virini, their relation is unknown.